Solar Panel Recycling

We Provide the Complete Regeneration of Glass Back Into Raw Minerals for Manufacturing.    Remineralization - Starts at CEM.


experience meets innovation

Cascade Eco Minerals has experienced technology experts and innovative processes which supply a unique blend of proprietary offerings in solar glass recycling. These skills afford the ability to provide a true reuse of solar glass. Rather than it ending up in landfills, or other common ends, our glass is introduced back into the market for manufacturing.

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Decades of Experience with Glass

Over 72% of a solar panel is glass! Our expertise is beyond compare to any processor currently in the industry.

This is what we do

Unlike other solar recyclers today, with CEM solar panel recycling is what we do. Processing takes place in our facilities. Don't pay the cost for other recyclers to ship your material to someone else to do the work!

where does it all go?

At Cascade Eco Minerals, our processed glass is used in a wide variety of end products throughout diverse industries.

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We Produce:

• Furnace Ready Cullet
• Blended Glass (chemistry specific)
• Light-weight Beads (chemistry specific)
• Glass beads to special applications markets

we recycle the other components too

Yes, we primarily work with glass. But that doesn't mean we aren't just as concerned with where the other materials in a solar panel end up as well. We recycle. Never Landfill. And allow your company the peace of mind that we do what we say we will. Every time.


Solar panel recycling is a specialized process because the units are assembled from a variety of materials.

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Properly processing solar panels requires these materials be separated and recovered with minimal damage and loss of material. The materials can then be reused to manufacture new panels, or for other industrial applications to strengthen a circular economy.

We Do the Work

Many solar panel recyclers say they do what we do, when in reality they outsource these services to companies you may know nothing about. CEM is the ONLY solar panel processor that provides complete IN-HOUSE solar panel recycling and remineralization.